Listen Up! Oregon Object Stories

Listen Up! Oregon Object Stories

Listen Up! Oregon Object Stories is an accessible, creative, and intellectually engaged digital space which invites Oregonians to digitally represent personal objects through images, descriptions, or 3D scans; imbue those objects with meaning through story-telling in the form of text, video, or audio; and share their object stories with the regional Oregon community, starting with Oregon State University and its Extension network. This ongoing project draws on digital humanities building practices, engaged teaching, and community partnerships to create interactive public scholarship.

Project Details

Beginning Date: Apr 1, 2017

End Date:

Author: Cole Crawford

Categories: project

Tagged: Drupal, PHP, stories, Oregon State University

Client: Oregon State University - Division of Outreach and Engagement


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I'm an MA in English Literature student at Oregon State University, and I use my background in computer science and digital humanities to build and think about digital projects.

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