Laboring-Class Poets Online

Laboring-Class Poets Online

Laboring-Class Poets Online (LCPO) is a database-driven website (or what Carole Palmer might call a “thematic research collection”) which delivers biographical and bibliographical information about the more than 2,000 laboring-class poets who published between 1700 and 1900. Derived from thirty years of collaborative research created by academics in the UK and North America, the digital resource functions as a clearinghouse for information about poets from the lower classes who lived anywhere in the British Isles or in British colonies. The project organizes information and scholarly and pedagogical resources for a broader audience, demonstrating its importance and relevance in literary and social history and ensuring its preservation through a more accessible and systematic dissemination of information.

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Beginning Date: Apr 1, 2016

End Date: ongoing

Author: Cole Crawford

Categories: project

Tagged: digital humanities, Drupal, PHP, d3.js, Javascript

Client: Independent


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Laboring-Class Poets Online


I'm an MA in English Literature student at Oregon State University, and I use my background in computer science and digital humanities to build and think about digital projects.

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