Hi, I'm Cole

I'm an MA in English Literature student at Oregon State University with a background in literary studies, computer science, and digital humanities. I like building things - websites, datasets, data visualizations, programs, papers - and talking about the making process.

I've worked in numerous IT and development roles within large corporations, small businesses, and universities. I'm currently looking for a position as a web developer with a university or organization where I can immediately make an impact while honing my skills.

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Built With Love

I'm part of a dying breed: the generalist. I'm interested in artificial intelligence and eighteenth-century poetry, punk rock and personal finance. My projects reflect that breadth: I build with a variety of tech stacks, work on both the front and back ends, and am always ready to learn.

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Blog Time

Sometimes I build things, sometimes I write, and sometimes I write about building things. Head over to my blog (currently under construction) where I post thoughts about web development, digital humanities projects and the DH community, academia, travel, and more.


Proven Quality

I'm interested in bridging the gap between technology and the humanities through a meaningful making process, and my academic and employment record reflects a variety of interdisciplinary achievements and positions. Check out my resume to see for yourself.

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I'm an MA in English Literature student at Oregon State University, and I use my background in computer science and digital humanities to build and think about digital projects.

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Corvallis, Oregon
United States

Email: cole.crawford@oregonstate.edu